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Photo showing a wooden house under a magnifying glassEncompass Homechoice

A new and easier way to register for social housing in Sutton



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Application processing times

Applications to the Housing Register currently take about 12 weeks to process

  • If you have applied in the last 12 weeks, please do not contact us for an update on your application status
  • We will inform you when your application has been assessed



You can use this website to: 

  • Create your new Encompass Homechoice Account
  • Re-register an existing or create a brand new housing register application
  • View and bid for properties (from April 3rd 2023)



Current active applicants

  • Keep your current band and priority date by creating a new account then resubmitting your application, entering your existing Sutton Homechoice Login Reference
  • If you do not re-register your application, you will not be able to bid for properties from April 1st 2023.
  • If you have forgotten your Sutton Homechoice Login Reference click here 
  • View more guidance here



Current social housing wait times (years)

The estimated waiting times refer to how long it would take someone who applies to the housing register this year to be housed. This position will change in consequent years in response to property availability and demand.
N/A means there are no plans to offer properties to this band.


  1 bed general 1 bed sheltered 2 bed 3 bed 4+ bed
Band B 5 1 5 8 20
Band C (inc. C+) 20 1 20 20 20
Band D 6 1.5 20 20 20




Applicants with suspended applications 

You will be invited to re-register your application when you become eligible again.



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